Commission information

Thank you for your interest in my work!

Depending on the nature of your project, there are two distinct types of commissions:

Private commissions

This will apply if you are a private person looking for:

  • artwork for personal use
  • artwork for a smaller scale commercial project

Commercial commissions

This will apply if you:

  • act on behalf of a company
  • you need artwork for a commercial project
  • you’re interested in licensing existing art

Price guide

Please note that these only apply to private commissions. Contact me if you’re not sure if your request falls under this category or if you would like me to illustrate something different or more complex.

Please also take into account these are just a guide, not fixed prices.

Character portraits


Line art or sketch
Full colour

Half body

Line art or sketch

(This sample includes a simple background)

Full colour

Full body

Line art or sketch

(This sample includes a complex background and a small sized pet)

Full colour

(This sample includes a complex background and a medium sized pet)


  • Additional character: Same base price
  • Pets and familiars
    • Small: €10
    • Medium: €30
    • Large: €50
  • Backgrounds
    • Colour / gradient: included
    • Simple background: €25
    • Complex background: from €50
  • Extra or complex elements: €10
  • Commercial rights: get in touch.
  • A rush fee may be charged if there’s a short deadline.

People portraits

Based on one or several photographs.

Tom Hanks lineart portrait

Line art

Just a line drawing. If you prefer a more sketchy approach, let me know.

Neil Gaiman portrait in blue


Either grayscale or any other colour you fancy. I can accept an small colour accent, such as painting the eyes in a different colour.

Portrait of Jean Reno

Full colour

This option can include visible line art if you wish or be in a more painterly style. To see more, please check my portraits section.

Terms of Service

General terms

  • These terms apply to private commissions only.
  • By commissioning the artist, the client agrees to these terms.
  • All artwork will include a small signature that shall not be removed.
  • The artist retains the right to reject a commission.
  • Quotes can be requested at any time and do not imply a commitment or obligation for either party.
  • Artwork size will be A4 (210×279mm) or similar unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Delivery will be in the form of a hi-res digital file (300 DPI) and a web friendly low-res file. Please note there is no physical product.


  • Payments will be made 100% upfront. 
  • Split payment can be discussed for orders over €100.
  • The artist will only start working after receiving the upfront payment.
  • Deliverables will only be sent after the full payment has been received.

Refunds and cancellations

  • The client can cancel the commission at any point before any payment has been done.
  • If at the sketch stage the client wishes to cancel, a 30% kill fee will be applied. If the client paid more than 30% upfront, the difference will be refunded.


  • The client provides all necessary information for the creation of the artwork (descriptions, reference images, other suggestions). This also includes informing of any deadlines (a rush fee may be charged depending on urgency and current artist’s schedule).
  • The artist creates monochromatic sketches that are sent for approval. Changes in pose, elements and their position can be made. The client should be as detailed as possible on their feedback.
  • The artist creates and sends for approval a final drawing with rough colours. Some minor changes such as adding small accessories or changing existing ones can be made, as well as changes in the colour palette.
  • The final illustration is created. A low resolution file is sent for approval, minor tweaks can be made at this stage.


  • There are three rounds of revisions included in the process, as stated above: sketch, rough colour and final stages. Shall more revisions be needed, these will have an additional cost.
  • These revisions are at different detail levels depending on the stage the illustration is in. Once a direction has been approved, major changes will involve an extra fee (e.g. changing the pose on the rough colour stage, big changes in the colour palette in the final stage). Please take into account that drastically changing an illustration is often very similar to starting all over, requiring extra time and effort.
  • If the client really wishes a major change that requires reworking something that was previously agreed-upon, this will count as an additional revision and an additional fee will be negotiated, depending on the size and complexity of the change.

Copyright and rights of use

  • The artist will retain all the copyright to the artwork. This means they will be allowed to distribute, reproduce and use it for self promotion, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • The artist will also retain full copyright for any sketches, designs and incidental works made in the creation of the artwork, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • The artist does not claim any right over third party characters or other intellectual properties used during the creation process.
  • If the character(s) is an original creation of the client, the client will retain its copyright.
  • The client may not edit, alter, or trace the artwork without the artist’s expressed, written permission.
  • Commercial use of private commissions is not allowed. This includes selling or profiting in any way from the artwork. Examples of commercial use include, but are not limited to:
    • Selling the artwork to a third party.
    • Selling reproductions of the artwork in any form.
    • Minting/selling the artwork as NFT.